WATCH: COVID19/11 – Eva Bartlett Episode Fourteen of Narratives Intertwined

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Eva has just drawn my attention to a great series of videos titled ‘COVID19/11’ on Odyssey by Off Guardian

Covid19/11 Ep. 14 – Eva Bartlett

In Gaza

Published on Off Guardian, Sep 29, 2021


Hi friends,

I’ll add a personal introspection with this share.

Doing this video was a bit challenging. Not because of the content, but because I always feel I’m overlooking something, or what I have to say is not enough.

But, in the end, I recorded what I could, because I believe we need to encourage others to speak out, to not feel isolated and vulnerable.

You can watch the brief clip on Off Guardian’s Odysee channel

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MI6 forced to admit that Assad is key to peace in Middle East

The Wall Will Fall

The recent article in The Guardian written by suspected MI6-linked Martin Chulov is a sign of the collapsing regime change project driven by the UK and US intelligence agencies since well before 2011. A war in a series of wars and coups that have plagued the region for decades. I recently wrote about the West being forced to partially normalise relations with President Assad after demonising him relentlessly since 2011. This is only the first in what will be a long line of climb-downs by the US/UK Coalition of intervention.

I asked Peter Ford, former UK Ambassador to Syria, to comment on the…

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Interview With Canadian physicist and interdisciplinary scientist, Denis Rancourt

What a marvellous interview Eva – thank you for introducing me to Denis.

Just yesterday I bumped into a couple of old friends I had not seen for ten years and made many of these points re the anti-science and anti-health COVID hoax, but it so reassuring to be able to share the much more articulate expression by Denis Rancourt.

Humbly reblogged for what it is worth …

In Gaza

Fascinating conversation with Ottawa-based physicist and interdisciplinary scientist, Denis Rancourt, a former tenured professor of physics at U of Ottawa (for 20+ years) and currently a researcher with the Ontario Civil Liberties Association.

Denis speaks about a variety of issues pertaining to Covid, the faulty science around all things Covid, Ontario’s incompetent chief medical officers, the brutality of lockdowns—especially on the disadvantaged of society, and more.

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“No certified uncontaminated samples of the purported pathogen (SARS-CoV-2) were or are available for scientific study and biotech development. The genetic sequence was concocted in the absence of a purified sample of the presumed pathogen, using indirect methods.”

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Marwa Osman on Israel’s genocide of Gaza, and the new precedent of united regional Resistance

Thank you Eva and Marwa – reblogged.

The Balfour Declaration (1917) which declared the commitment by the British Government to annex and hand over occupation of Palestine to Rothschild for the Zionists stated:
“… it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

More …

  • The heartbreak in Gaza as Israel slaughters children and families – Vanessa Beeley

  • Debunking Israel’s ‘Human Shield’ Defense in Gaza Massacre – Abby Martin Empire Files

  • John Pilger Interview: Israel is a LYING MACHINE, Palestine Has The Right to Resist! – Going Underground on RT

In Gaza

A very informative discussion with Beirut-based journalist and political analyst Marwa Osman, on the litany of Israeli crimes against Palestinians in Gaza during Israel’s horrifying bombardment of the beseiged and densely inhabited Gaza Strip.

Note: as of May 19: Ministry of Health in Gaza: 219 Palestinians massacred, including 63 children, 36 women and injuring 1530

Marwa also speaks of the unity not only among Palestinian resistance groups, but also Resistance movements throughout the region.

“Myself as a Shia Muslim, I believe that when there are people who are oppressed, it’s not only my duty, but if I don’t help that people, then I’m complicit.

This ideology has surpassed the Shi’ism ideology and has passed to a pan-Arabism ideology, the same ideology Gamal Abdel Nasser used to reiterated and emphasize when he was president of Egypt. That pan-Arabism is now being mirrored at the different factions, the different resistance, the…

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The Voice of Our Ancestors

The Voice of Our Ancestors by Heinrich Himmler

I first encountered this essay under the pen name ‘Wulf Sorensen’ and did not realise at the time that it was actually Heinrich Himmler.

A brilliant allegory on the Snow White theme.

My favourite line is

  • “Let a man be noble, benevolent, loyal and good.”

Many more great links at the Neues Europa site


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• Gaza has suffered the longest, most barbaric, lockdown in the world – Eva K Bartlett (In Gaza)

In Gaza

*Jaber Rjila’s home and farmland in al-Faraheen, Gaza’s southeast, have been attacked, damaged or destroyed by Israeli tanks and bulldozers on many occasions.

March 8, 2021,

While the rest of the world may rightly moan about the ways in which the miserable Covid-induced lockdowns have affected our lives, spare a thought for the 2 million Palestinians imprisoned in Israel’s brutal and illegal blockade.

“We’re all Palestinians now,” some say, as people around the world are under Covid-19 lockdown and rendered jobless. While the reference is apt, Palestinians in Gaza have been under the most severe lockdown in the world for 14 long years.

As 2021 has gone on, it has become increasingly clear that lockdowns are affecting people around the world in painful and deadly ways beyond the already awful effects of slashed incomes and isolation.

So imagine life where the lockdown isn’t for a period of…

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Gaza has suffered the longest, most barbaric, lockdown in the world – I know, because I lived through three years of it


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