WATCH: COVID19/11 – Eva Bartlett Episode Fourteen of Narratives Intertwined

Reblogged from Eva K Bartlett – In Gaza

Eva has just drawn my attention to a great series of videos titled ‘COVID19/11’ on Odyssey by Off Guardian

Covid19/11 Ep. 14 – Eva Bartlett

In Gaza

Published on Off Guardian, Sep 29, 2021


Hi friends,

I’ll add a personal introspection with this share.

Doing this video was a bit challenging. Not because of the content, but because I always feel I’m overlooking something, or what I have to say is not enough.

But, in the end, I recorded what I could, because I believe we need to encourage others to speak out, to not feel isolated and vulnerable.

You can watch the brief clip on Off Guardian’s Odysee channel

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