Time Capsule-19

I should have been keeping a time capsule on this COVID/Great Reset Conspiracy so here is one item. I will add others as they come to mind and will backdate from my bookmarked archives

16 November 2021: Judy Mikovits

  • Judy Mikovits PhD – Antidote For Vaccine Toxin And Warns Against Dangerous Fake One
  • Interview with Ann Vandersteel


“SARS-CoV-2 is not a real human virus, it’s a monkey virus grown in the vero monkey cell line, always has been, just as SARS was created in that cell line and the variants are in that cell line.”


“Nobody’s sick. This has a 99.7% survival rate, so there’s no such thing as an ‘asymptomatic carrier’ of a disease-causing virus. A virus either makes you sick or it doesn’t.”


“So, essentially, COVID-19 is a marketing hype name to promote fear and get people running to the doctors to get these PCR tests, which are, of course, completely falsely-calibrated and they’re not measuring  COVID-19.”

15 November 2021: Dr Shankara Chetty and Academy of Ideas video on social media

  • Dr Shankara Chetty Breaks Down The Long-Term Agenda (11 minutes)


As an aside, this is relevant (Academy of Ideas is a good channel to follow)

  • Smartphones and Social Media – A Mass Surveillance Dystopia (11 minutes)