The defilement of the human soul is worse than the destruction of the human body – Arthur Ponsonby (Falsehood of War-Time)

“Facts must be distorted, relevant circumstances concealed and a picture presented which by its crude colouring will persuade the ignorant people that their Government is blameless, their cause is righteous, and that the indisputable wickedness of the enemy has been proved beyond question.“

“Departments have to be created to see to the psychological side. People must never be allowed to become despondent; so victories must be exaggerated and defeats, if not concealed, at any rate minimized, and the stimulus of indignation, horror, and hatred must be assiduously and continuously pumped into the public mind by means of “propaganda.

“… the injection of the poison of hatred into men’s minds by means of falsehood is a greater evil in wartime than the actual loss of life. The defilement of the human soul is worse than the destruction of the human body.

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  • Falsehood of War-Time – Arthur Ponsonby


First Lady of Syria, Asma al-Assad

I can’t think of a more positive and inspiring way to end the year … 

  • Syria First Lady Asma Assad Reception for Top Marks Students and their Families in Damascus-

featured here

It was Eva K Bartlett who sparked my awakening five or six years ago.

Here is another talk by Asma that first got me questioning what was being said in the now irrelevant ‘legacy’ press.

  • Asma Al-Assad during the reception made to the participants in ” Woman For Peace ” Bicycle Ride

and these from my compilation:

  • I love Asma Al Assad

First Lady Asma al Assad was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2018 …

  • Our prayers are with you, Mrs Asma Assad

This was Asma’s first major interview after treatment and being cleared of the cancer – it is in Arabic so I would go full screen and read the subtitles.  You won’t be disappointed.  Talk about stoicism, morality and gratitude – Asma al Assad is the essence of grace and dignity!!

  • Asma al Assad tells of her struggle against cancer

Truths and Myths – a Digression

I got a bit sidetracked by this short video by Tony Heller

  • Dr Fauci Discusses Vaccine Safety

off I went contemplating a few quotes and passages that I have resonated with … 

  • Murakami

“The truth sometimes reminds me of a city buried in sand. […] As time passes, the sand piles up even thicker


“You can hide memories, but you can’t erase history.“

 – From ”Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki” by Haruki Murakami

  • Solzhenitsyn

“We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying

 – Attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  • Tony Kevin

“The demand for an open space dedicated to the study, discussion and public presentation of the era of Stalinist oppression can be felt especially keenly now.  The history of 20th century Russia is tragic and complex from a moral and humanistic standpoint; to this day, there is no distinct commonly accepted interpretation.  At the same time, without a thoughtful and dispassionate analysis of the past, it is impossible to build a contemporary society with a conflict free national identity.“

 – “Our Projects” section of website of the Gulag Museum in Moscow – cited in “Return to Moscow” by Tony Kevin

Which brings me to the Auntie of all myths (COVID being the Mother)

  • E. Michael Jones Finally Discusses The Holocaust Myth

And he does it with great alacrity

Santa Inc is mentioned … 

  • Sarah Silverman from “Jesus is Magic”

Let’s Go Santa Inc – Let’s Go Silverman

  • Rachel Hanan – every Auschwitz canard in 82 seconds

The Real Noam Chomsky

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  • The Real Noam Chomsky – The Wall Will Fall – Vanessa Beeley

Back in 2018 I noted this article.

  • Once a Zionist, Always a Zionist: Noam Chomsky Supports Us Occupation Of Syria To Protect ‘Israeli’-Aligned Kurdish Terrorists

Jonathan Azaziah – Fort Russ October 5, 2018


“On 9/11, he insanely declares, “But even if the claims of an inside job were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares? I mean, it doesn’t have any significance.” “

From that particular hyperlinked article … 

“… some choice Chomsky quotes:

Whether [Islamic terrorists] were involved or not nobody knows. It really doesn’t matter much.  (An Evening with Noam Chomsky: The War on Terror.  MIT 10/18/2001)

Yet he admits “The evidence (against al-Qaida) is surprisingly thin.” (Noam Chomsky, 9/11)

But even if (inside job) were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares? I mean, it doesn’t have any significance.  (Noam Chomsky on 911 conspiracy part 2, YouTube).”


On the DPRK – a compilation

“Sound of Horse Hooves in Mt Paektu” – Moranbong Band

Now that I have your attention, that was “Sound of Horse Hooves in Mt Paektu” performed by the Moranbong Band of DPRK.  More below.

  • Leon Allan Davis

Leon’s interest in DPRK arose out of stumbling across the Moranbong Band and DPRK music in general.  He gives a very scholarly talk on topics that interest him from time to time

  • The Reunification Song

Here are a few of my favourites from the Moranbong Band HD playlist (more later)

  • Moranbong Band – Glorious and Admirable

(featuring band leader and lead violinist Sonu Hyang-hui; the cellist is Yoo Eun-Jong)

  • Moranbong Band (DPRK) featuring cellist Yoo Eun-Jong (Song: “I Know Only You”)

“The General’s Star” (Piano solo: Kim Yong-mi)


The desire of all Koreans for UNITY is exemplified by the song “Arirang” – a Korean folk song, often considered the unofficial national anthem of a unified Korea.

From South Korea – Yuna Kim (world and Olympic champion) skates to “Arirang” – Vancouver 2010

From DPRK (‘North Korea’) – Moranbong Band performs “Arirang”

or the New York Philharmonic if you prefer

Leon Allan Davis

Leon’s interest in DPRK arose out of stumbling across the Moranbong Band and DPRK music in general.  As with all rabbit holes, the reality is far from what we are ‘supposed to believe’ in the Jewish-controlled media..

Leon gives a very scholarly talk on topics that interest him from time to time (as per my opening link)

The Reunification Song

The Problem of North Korea

Eva Bartlett (yes – that’s the intrepid Eva K Bartlett of Gaza and Syria work)

Eva ( started her international investigative journalism in Gaza but (among others) has been courageously instrumental in bringing us the truth about Syria.  She recently went to the DPRK to see for herself …

Miscellaneous ‘promotional’ material – some light propaganda

Korean Socialism – Human Rights (ethnic nationalism comes to mind)

…  More from the Moranbong band … highlighting their exquisite classical talent

“Zigeunerweisen” (Gypsy Airs 1878 by the Spanish composer Pablo de Sarasate)

(Lead violinist Sonu Hyang-hui is truly world class)


… Moranbong Band ENCORE(x3)

(It’s hard to limit to just a few favourites)

“Soldier’s road” (featuring Kang Phyong-hui Guitar solo)

  • “Without a break” (Tansume) (I love the guitar work!)
  • (Kim Jong-un is an Eric Clapton fan, by the way)
  • “Mungyong Pass”
  • Ri Sol Ju: Soldiers’ Footprints

…  and did you know that Ri Sol Ju is the First Lady of DPRK (Kim Jong-un’s wife)?


The channel “푸옹 Phuong DPRK Daily” is about as authentic as you can get in explaining and promoting the idea of DPRK Juche.

So much stuff there including this documentary ‘PROPAGANDA’.

and various playlists such as:

  • Imperialist Threats, Warmongering and Lies
  • DPRK Defectors Exposed

Another channel – SONGUN007: See his channel via this introduction: